Covid-19 Vaccination Update For Weston

Updated 7/31/2021 to reflect corrections by a reader to state-provided data.

Given the new CDC and Massachusetts guidelines that came out this week, the Owl decided to see how Weston is doing in terms of vaccinations this summer. As is true for every Thursday since months ago, Massachusetts released yesterday the latest vaccination numbers for municipalities. The latest data show that 90% of eligible residents (age 12+) have at least one dose, and 81% are fully vaccinated.

Two groups deserve much applause and a cherry coke (or whatever works): the 12-15 age group and the 30-49 age group are vying for top spot in percentage vaccinated. Someone wants to go back to school as normally as possible, and the others probably want to date or go clubbing or whatever. Wait, those are most likely parents of those 12-15 year olds so I suspect a correlation. And yes, they also probably want to go clubbing. What a huge age group though…why is it split like that, with 19 years in there? Hmmm. No one cares.

Go get vaccinated, Weston. Incidentally, as a town we are doing pretty darn well. Just below us on the Middlesex County municipality alphabetical list is Wilmington, with only 51% of their 12-15 year olds with at least one dose.

Please note the following chart reflects CORRECTED state numbers. The uncorrected version shows that 10,982 residents are eligible for vaccination, but that number is incorrect. If you add the populations in each age group, there are 9,565 residents eligible for the vaccine.


Uncorrected: (note the incorrect eligible population number):

Data can be found here.


  • The % numbers you cite aren’t right, but that’s because the state website is just bad at showing its work. If you add all the population numbers it is 9,565 eligible individuals in town (not 10,982, which includes <12yo). So 8,589 with one dose is actually 90% of eligible individuals and 7,778 fully vaccinated is actually 81%.

    • Adam!!! You’re the best! I admit I wrote this up a little too quickly and did not double-check the eligibility numbers. I will edit that to reflect your sleuthing. Thanks so much. That’s a pretty amazing number at 90%!

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