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School Starts Tomorrow, September 1

Forget that whole rabbit, rabbit, rabbit thing–tomorrow is the first day of school, school, school for Weston Public Schools students (except kindergarten and pre-K). That means the Big Yellow Buses are back, as well as the usual scramble for breakfast, wayward notebooks and stuffing of the excited dog back into the house. A last minute flurry of school communications has

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Get on the Bus, Gus – Weston Public School Bus Routes and School Start

And so it begins!! Weston Public Schools start on Wednesday, September 1 (1st-12th grades). Pre-K and Kindergarten have visitation days (let the screaming begin!) on Wednesday, and start with half days on Thursday, September 2. The full Weston public schools calendar is here. Country, Woodland and Field Schools (are these not the cutest school names ever?) have drop-in visitation tomorrow,

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Sunday Gratitude: Surprise and Delight

Long ago and far away, the Owl went to business school. Quite a good one really–Kellogg was then and possibly still is the best of the marketing MBA schools (go ‘cats). While many of the learnings have faded over time (please don’t make me look at decision science again), one of my favorites came back to me this weekend. It’s

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Burchard Park Field Renovations Begin Monday, August 30

Weston’s beloved baseball fields numbered 1-5 at Burchard Park will be closed for renovations starting Monday, August 30. This work was approved by Town Meeting this spring and will address the extraordinary wear and tear on fields and base paths by thousands of little cleat-wearing Little League players over the past 12 years that Burchard has been open. Repairs are

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Wireless Water Meters Being Installed Townwide: Here’s How to Get Yours

Weston’s implementation of wireless water meters is off to a Weston summer start. As in, slow. Perhaps 90 percent of the town was gone all summer. Perhaps they didn’t check their mail. Perhaps. Fortunately, the Owl has been largely grounded and so Owl Hollow got its upgrade yesterday. Unfortunately for the meter installer, he had no idea that he was

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