Proctor Field Closed For Awesomeness Upgrade This Week

Proctor last week. Busy, busy, busy

Town communications last week about Proctor Field (the high school turf field) being closed starting today got the Owl curious enough to call over to Ben Polimer, the Fields and Grounds Emperor (I may be unclear on his actual title). The Owl used to be on the Recreation Master Plan Committee with Ben, and let me tell you that this guy never stops. Summer is hardly down time for the grounds crew, and if you haven’t noticed, the grounds are looking awesome. Ben and his crew are on everything from fence repair to crack filling, to re-painting traffic signs on school properties to the always-fun mowing of rain-fueled turf grass.

Oh, yes, back to Proctor. It turns out that Weston’s fantastic football “carpet” is undergoing a medical upgrade. Remember when your favorite doctor moved from stitches to gluing wounds closed? Well, the carpet is also getting some plastic surgery and moving from stitches to glue. Oh, and much like your health insurance, you’re not paying for it, not even a co-pay. Nope, this is the manufacturer giving us a lovely gift. Thank you, Carpet Guy.

Proctor will be entirely closed from Monday to Saturday this week. No track, no field, no nothing. Just glue guns and workers. It will all be worth it as the ‘cats go into their pre-season on August 23. Field 1 (the “other” turf field) is open for business.

Go ‘cats!


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