Summer Pick-Up Soccer is a Surprise Hit in Weston

Tuesday evening soccer has become “a thing” in Weston, with as many as 38 players showing up to play at the middle school fields. All ages are represented, from 7-year-olds up to 60+, and all skill levels too.

“Soccer is a wonderful accessible game for anyone who is interested,” said Vladimir Barbieri, the initiator and now program manager for the successful evening out. “It’s how I grew up with soccer in Brazil–meet an hour before sunset at a field, no RSVP, just your cleats and a ball.”

The pick-up game has been running since early June, with the blessing of John Power, president of Weston Soccer, and the donation of field use by Weston schools. There have only been two canceled evenings due to lightning–the game has run rain or shine, and in fact the first evening the players all got a good drenching. Players bring a dark shirt and a light shirt, and pinneys are also available so teams can be made on the spot. There is no cost to the activity, and players are welcome to bring along visiting family or friends.

“We’ve had as few as 10 folks show up, and it’s still a ton of fun because we take advantage of smaller size goals at the field. When the big groups show up, we have three fields that we can split into so it doesn’t get crazy,” said Barbieri.

Weston Tuesday Night Pick-Up Soccer. Who’d have thunk it? 6 pm until you’re done. At the Middle School fields (behind the basketball court and Sugar Shack). If you’d like to be added to the distribution list, please send an email to Vlad Barbieri at

See you tonight. And go ‘cats!

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  • Annunziata Varela

    Tuesday nights has been a highlight for my son who looks forward to it every week. I don’t think he’s missed one yet.

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