Out of Home Range: 138th Bolton Fair Opens Tomorrow

One of the most tightly controlled corporate secrets here at media central is that the Owl LOVES a fair. My favorite happens to be the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo Park, New York where I learned of such culinary delights as chocolate-covered bacon and gigantic pterodactyl-sized turkey legs, and was entertained by the usual costumes and a few new ones like say, a Storm Trooper. Maybe he took a wrong turn off the Tappan Zee.

The Bolton Fair held in Lancaster (ummm, hello?) this weekend promises its own type of fun, minus corsets and jousting. Well, maybe that will happen too, but only after the beer garden gets rolling in the afternoons. If you are into pig racing (yes, true) and Clydesdale-admiring, as well as the ever-popular demolition derby, you’re going to want to go check out this local fair, held Friday-Sunday, August 13-15.

The Bolton Fair has a pretty amazing history–it started as a small town celebration in 1874 apparently in the town that bears its name, though it’s held over in neighboring Lancaster now. It is run by volunteers of a 501c3 organization and raises money for scholarships! This is cool. Get yourself two funnel cakes and feel good about it!

HKS Clydesdales

Here’s what I would do if I were you: Go early on Saturday (Friday will be an inferno–poor little piggies) — at 9 am there is a meet and greet with the Clydesdales. I didn’t make that up–you can go and have a horsey chat. One is named Timmy–introduce yourself nicely. Don’t miss the Tractor Pull at 10 am. There is some BMX racing and some border collies defying gravity after that and finally you’re at 11:30 am and it’s time to pig race. They have obstacles and tunnels and jumps! I swear you cannot make this stuff up. I mean I can but I don’t need to.

Yahoo! Photo credit: Hot Dog Pig Racing

Later on you can see the Lumberjack Show and if you are hardcore, you’ll make it all the way to 7 pm for the Woodbooger Demolition Derby. I can’t actually choose what is my favorite event of the day, but I suggest you do your planning ahead of time by looking at the agenda here and the map is on the event page, and here below. I have zero information about the food options but there will be vendors, a farmers market, and of course beer, and did they mention beer? It’s on the map twice. Carnival rides can be found in the area named “Midway.”

It’s good fun and what we all need, no? Parking information as well as admission hours and pricing are on the Bolton Fair webpage at http://www.boltonfair.org. Please note that parking is not on-site–there are shuttle buses and masks will need to be worn on the bus. If you have less-mobile folks, drop-off is possible.

See you at the Fair!

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