Weston Board of Health to Discuss Indoor Mask Order for Schools

For whom the mask tolls. Photo by marco fileccia on Unsplash

On Wednesday at 1 pm, the Weston Board of Health will be discussing and deciding on an indoor mask order for schools in Weston. Please note that both public and private schools in Weston would be affected by such an order. Please also note that the difference between an order and a mandate is essentially semantics. They both are binding and enforceable from a government agency, which in this case is the Board of Health of Weston.

Editorial comment: If the Owl were a betting person, she would bet the farm on masks being mandated. While it would be nice if the almost 96%-vaccinated Weston kids in the 12-17 age group could see each other’s faces and sarcastic teenage smiles during the school day, it’s not going to happen. I have no factual basis for this, nor inside information. I count on our schools to make sure the kids get LOTS of mask breaks, outdoor tent castles, and regular lunch. Noodle kugel, anyone? Also, may I just remind the elementary schools that WFTA built you a nature classroom? I suggest you use it.

The Owl will attempt to join the zoom on Wednesday but may have to drive step-owlets to the airport. Stay tuned. Information on the meeting is here:

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