Memorial Pool Bonus Week is Upon Us

Weston Recreation wins this summer’s happy surprise award by announcing that Memorial Pool will stay open this week, August 23-29. Normally the pool would have closed for the season this past Sunday, due to disappearing lifeguards (they go to college, not alien spaceships, apparently. Yes, I checked sources on that). So pull out your floaties and daisy caps and cool off from what promises to be a scorcher at the beginning of this week.

The only caveat so far is that opening today is dependent on the condition of the facility and the quality of the pool water as weather events such as Henri “can have unexpected effects on the facility and the pool water chemistry,” according to Weston Recreation’s facebook page.

Here’s an actual photo of the pool after the last hurricane:

Photo credit

Oh, relax, people, that’s a photo of the old Case’s Pond which existed before our pool in 1951. No cows are allowed anymore, I promise.

The Owl will update any closure information . Until then, pool is open at 12 pm and stays open until 6:30 pm. Please make sure you say thanks to the lifeguards and to the Weston Recreation Department for being very very cool.

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