Inside, Outside, Upside Down at the Weston Public Library

Outdoor tent made up for Teen Reading event (photo and decoration credit: Karen Baldwin)

If you’ve driven past the Weston Public Library this summer, you will have noticed the big white tent out front and occasionally a smattering of tables and chairs. It was exactly this scene that encouraged the Owl to swoop in and see what is going on. And in a bonus coup, she got to hang out in this outdoor shady spot with Jenn Warner and Alli Palmgren, Director and Assistant Director of the Library.

“The tent went up so we could encourage folks to use their library, even if they weren’t fully comfortable being inside yet at the beginning of summer,” said Jenn. “And we run some of our programs here including reading groups and story times. One of the story times even had a little drizzle going outside but inside the tent, on blankets and chairs, the kids and parents were dry and enjoying the adventure.”

Chairs and tables were set up on Tuesday afternoon for the Teen Summer reading celebration, but guests are always welcome to bring their own comfy seat or blanket, and enjoy the space (as long as there are no official library events going on then). Even on a hot afternoon, the breeze was cooling, and a favorable gust can bring in glimmers of the Library’s wifi (wifi will be more powerful on September 8 when the system is upgraded, according to Alli). Anyway, who cares about the wifi? Read your Nature of Oaks (Tallamy) or E.O. Wilson anything while listening to the wind ruffle the town’s oldest sugar maple. It is possible that I should check that fact.

I think it’s pretty old. In any case, it’s really nice.

While you’re lounging under the tent (note to Library: how about hammocks next year?), you can also charge up your electronics which you are ignoring while reading your mystery. The Space Age Bench has usb ports to plug into, and nothing beats solar charging.

Meet George Jetson, the space age bench (and my finger in the left corner)

Today you might be thinking is a better day for “inside library” hours–know that the air conditioning is FABULOUS and there are lots of reading nooks and new books and BROWSING. Who missed browsing while the library was on limited use policy? Me. How else can I find a Vegetarian Cookbook to check out and never open? A random biography of someone I’ve never heard of, or a new mystery with a cool cover? My dream is to spend a whole day at the library without one single soccer carpool or other thing to do…it’s coming…it shall be the winter home of the Owl. Please note that at this writing, masks are not required indoors at the Library but in my limited tour, about 90% of people were wearing them.

What else is going on? Well, used book sales and dropoffs are back. The reading room is open. Tables are open. People are there and so are you, if you know what’s good for you on this billion-degree day. Oh, the long-range planning Community Survey is also still open–please give your input for the future of the library. See here.

Weston Public Library is at 87 School Street, and you can find it online here. The library is currently on summer hours, which are 10 am-9 pm Monday-Thursday, 10 am- 6 pm on Fridays, 10 am -2 pm on Saturdays (will return to 10 am to 5 pm after Labor Day) and 12-5 pm on Sundays.

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