Burchard Park Field Renovations Begin Monday, August 30

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Weston’s beloved baseball fields numbered 1-5 at Burchard Park will be closed for renovations starting Monday, August 30. This work was approved by Town Meeting this spring and will address the extraordinary wear and tear on fields and base paths by thousands of little cleat-wearing Little League players over the past 12 years that Burchard has been open. Repairs are expected to take no more than one month, according to Fields and Grounds Coordinator, Ben Polimer.

While renovations are in progress, College Pond trail users will be able to access the trails there and still be able to pick up and tote out their dog poop bags. But will they? Investigative reporting is not as glamorous as it seems, folks, but the Owl will check it out. Tennis courts and parking lots will also still be open–make sure you bring along your bulldozer-obsessed toddler to see some good truck times.

As part of the renovations, the Owl would like to suggest renaming the fields from the very boring current numbering system (finance guys were surely in charge) to famous ball fields. So, field 1 will become Fenway, then 2 is Wrigley, 3 is Camden Yards, 4 is Three Rivers and 5 is Candlestick. Yeah, no sponsor names (sheesh!! PNC Park? As if.) and no Yankee Stadium. But think about it…your kid will come home and say “I’ve got a game at Wrigley today” or “wow, the grass was great at Fenway this morning.” Does anyone even remember Candlestick anymore? Sigh.

The CPA request was covered by the Owl here.

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