Get on the Bus, Gus – Weston Public School Bus Routes and School Start

Owlets (and neighbor) on their first-ever yellow bus, circa 2014

And so it begins!! Weston Public Schools start on Wednesday, September 1 (1st-12th grades). Pre-K and Kindergarten have visitation days (let the screaming begin!) on Wednesday, and start with half days on Thursday, September 2. The full Weston public schools calendar is here.

Country, Woodland and Field Schools (are these not the cutest school names ever?) have drop-in visitation tomorrow, August 31. Details should have been sent out to all elementary school families. It is possible that the Middle School also has visitation but Phil and John don’t talk to me anymore since the Owlets have moved up. In the mean time, read this fun interview of John Gibbons, Middle School principal, from the spring.

The High School (go ‘cats!) has Orientation for ninth graders and new students tomorrow morning– WITH bus routes! So exciting. High school orientation will be 8:45-10 am tomorrow in the auditorium. No parents allowed. Nor Owls.

Bus Routes are available here. The big yellow buses are paid for by Weston taxpayers and are driven by the best drivers in the business. Bring ’em a donut and stay safe at those bus stops.

Go ‘cats.

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