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Special Town Meeting Canceled…How About a State of the Town Meeting?

So the Owl missed the Select Board meeting on Tuesday night because she was learning about Affordable Housing at 0 Wellesley Street. I like the plans. I just want them to change the address–no one wants to live at a place qualified as a “zero.” How about One Wellesley Street? Fancy. Oh, all right, 7 Wellesley Street…lucky, actually exists, etc.

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Are You Ready for Some Futebol? Friday Night Lights for Boys Soccer

With Weston’s (American) football team away on Friday evening, it’s time for the other futebol (you know: the one you actually play with your feet) to take over Proctor Field. Thanks to some extra outreach from Athletic Director Mike McGrath, Boston Latin has agreed to push back the scheduled boys varsity soccer game to 6 pm on Friday night. This

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Weston Holiday By-Laws

As the Owl drove through town during monsoon-of-the-week today, I noted that various folks seem not to know about Weston By-Laws* about end-of-year holiday decorating. Because I am concerned that some of you will be ticketed, I thought it might be handy to review the most important ones. Sec. 4 Paragraph 3 states that no chrysanthemums of any color may

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Last Chance for Citizens’ Petitions for Special Town Meeting

UPDATE 9/29/2021: SPECIAL TOWN MEETING SCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 30, 2021 HAS BEEN CANCELED BY SELECT BOARD VOTE ON 9/28/2021. If you are planning to submit a Citizens’ Petition for Special Town Meeting (scheduled for November 30, 2021 at 7 pm in the High School Auditorium), tickety-tock, they are due on Friday October 1. Citizens are always encouraged to speak with

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