Land’s Sake Farm Lights Up Late Summer With Firewood and Wildfire catering

Photo by Obed Hernández on Unsplash

This week’s Community Cultivator, Land’s Sake farm’s fantastic newsletter, is hot stuff. First up, firewood from Weston’s own forests is going on sale next Thursday, September 9 and let me tell you that stuff flies off the stacks like hotcakes. Set your alarm now and position your fingers over the SHOP button. (more information here).

If shopping local is your thing, this is the place to feel like you are lighting up Ogilvie Forest, because, in this case, you are! But legally and without a WFTA steward and Forest Warden Soar chasing you down. Also you don’t have to hear the trees scream, which they do, according to The Hidden Lives of Trees. But go ahead and shop. No, really, sustainable forestry is a thing, and Land’s Sake knows what it’s doing in making the forests healthier and trees bigger, so just forget me. Actually, you can’t unread that. If you’d rather just look at live wood, call me and I will take you for a walk in Ogilvie.

Here’s your firewood in situ in Ogilvie Forest, March 2021

A half-cord of firewood costs $275 and is limited to a half cord per family. It will be delivered. There is an extra charge if you are out of town or if you want it stacked.

Next up on the Owl radar at Land’s Sake is the Farm 2 Fork night this time with Wildfire Catering, a Weston-owned business! LOVE on two levels of shop local. Sales end tomorrow September 2 at noon for pick-up of your order on September 9 between 4 pm and 6 pm. There’s some yummers in there–I have no idea what Southwestern Mexican almond cookies are but I am in favor of them. You can place your order here, pick up next week and enjoy a picnic wherever you want. May I suggest the lovely Town Green? Yes, I may. Enjoy the last of the (hopefully warm) summer evenings. Yes, I said it. Because it’s true.

In other newsletter news, the farm stand will be closed on Sunday for Labor Day–seems reasonable, no? And stop the presses!! There is going to be a PIE FESTIVAL in late September. The Owl admits she is a cake person, not a pie person, but loves peach pie so will be watching this developing story.

Land’s Sake’s Farmstand is open June – October Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 3pm (except Sunday September 5). The land is open every day for a nice walk.

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