Whassup, Weston: Calendar Edition

The mums are out, the school buses are late, and the pumpkin lattes are available. I don’t care what the calendar says, it’s autumn! The other sign of fall is the return of the committee, or as I like to call it: la revanche de la comité . Did you know that French is the second official language of the Weston Owl? Just kidding, Madame Dupres, my AP French teacher was right–I’ve pretty much forgotten it. Back to the calendar–it’s a very full calendar for our volunteer committee folks, so bring them some spiced cookies and the leftover zucchinis from your garden. Win, win, win.

On an editorial note, Kara Fleming’s departure from Town Hall has made calendar reading much.more.fun, as agendas for WEEFC come out as part of Select Board and the wrong dates are on the agendas, and well, Kara with the tiara, I miss you. Please come work at the Owl. Thank you.

Back on track, it’s time for Whassup, Weston, Weekly Edition where I will summarize the upcoming meetings for the week, with no actual basis in reality. Well, some basis in reality. First of all, let me point out that each and every one of you is capable of reading a Weston official calendar. It’s true. Here is the link and if that doesn’t work, go to http://www.weston.org and click Events. Then choose your calendars (Community vs Library vs Committees) and there you have it.

You now know everything I do, and can close this window. Unless you want the highlights–here in random order, except maybe chronological order, are the highlights of the week in the Teapot Tempest called Weston.

Today, Wednesday, September 8

Oops, you’re too late for Tree Advisory Group which met at 10 am IN PERSON at Case Park. What, you ask, is Case Park? It’s that little triangle park between School Street and Wellesley Street at the Y-intersection of Doom. I once saw a car that had flown onto the corner stone wall there–it turns out that Suburus really do have excellent AWD. No trees were hurt which is good because that park is nice. Well, you’ve missed the meeting, so just know they were planning for 2022 and that there will be trees. Also, trees rule.

Board of Health was scheduled to meet at 3 pm today but that meeting is cancelled. I do not now why that is but any rumors that all members of the committee came down with Covid are not acceptable. Behave, Weston. Board of Health now meets next week.

Permanent Building Committee is the must-go meeting of the day at 7 pm at Case House. Now, if you have no idea what the difference is between a permanent building and a temporary building, join the party. Aren’t all buildings permanent until they meet developers? Oh all right, let me go look at the Committee charge. Here it is:

The Permanent Building Committee, created by a by-law adopted at Annual Town Meeting in 2006, is appointed jointly by the Select Board and the School Committee and consists of professionally-experienced resident volunteers.

The Permanent Building Committee is responsible for oversight and management of the following for all municipal and school buildings: construction, enlargement, major alteration, reconstruction.

Okay, so that explains why their agenda is filled with these best-of Weston items:

I don’t really mean to quibble but I don’t think that Memorial Pool is a building. Oh, maybe it’s the act of building. In any case, I do not like the name Permanent Building Committee–it implies that we are forever building stuff, and makes me wonder about how to define “permanence”…are any of these places really permanent? Well, okay, JosT is, that’s a given. I am tempted to attend this meeting just to hear what is going on with my favorite tavern. Also to see the Case House renovation since last year’s tour was canceled.

Thursday September 9

Finance Committee meets at 7 pm ONLINE. Why are some meetings on line now and some not? How do we choose? I don’t know and I can’t ask Kara. In any case, as I’ve said before, Finance stuff makes my eyes cross–I am a marketing person. Actually I may show up to this one as I have a question about the Ash Street sidewalk. But I doubt it.

Friday, September 10

It’s the PAYT Implementation working group at 8:30 am by zoom. Surprising how controversial this one is. Pay As YOU Throw. See the emphasis? Yes, Pay as You Throw starts October 1 at Garbagetopia, also known as the Transfer Station. I am not a Transfer Station junkie (haha) so I have to say I don’t much care about this and therefore Owl reporting will be light. Also, at 8:30 am, the Owl will be on the road to the high school since the northside buses are in disarray. Not once on-time in one week. Not close either. Also, reporting on high-controvery subjects (affordable housing, finance-y stuff, and people who overwater their lawns) will always be light since, in general, the Owl hates controversy. Also crows. Those are really loud and annoying. Here’s the agenda:

Next week expect even more fun meetings. The trifecta of joy is on Tuesday September 14 when there will be ZBA, Select Board and Conservation Commission. And yet, Conservation Commission is not listed…Kara…please come back…please…

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