Hobbes, Cat Rock’s Beloved Snapping Turtle, Hospitalized

CW (Content Warning): later on, there’s going to be a ghastly photo of an injured turtle. If you don’t care to see it, well, close this window now.

Earlier this spring, WFTA and the police Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly were notified numerous times that a snapping turtle was caught in an enclosed chain-link fence area near the dam. You can find that story here. It turns out that the turtle was probably nesting and is actually probably a girl. But it’s too late now to change my pronouns so go with it. The turtle became known as Hobbes, given that he was found on Hobbs Pond, and some of you may remember Calvin & Hobbes. If you don’t remember that fine comic strip, seek the next Library book sale.

Yesterday, the Owl received an email from ACO Karen with this scary lead-in: “I wanted to let you know that the Cat Rock mascot ‘Hobbes’ the giant snapper will not be around for a while.” For all of you who think the current visiting great blue heron is the mascot, he’s not, though his name is George and he will be there for a bit until he flies to warmer climes. He may also be a girl–for sure the next wildlife in this column will be declared a girl. I digress.

Here’s Karen’s story about Hobbes:   “I responded to Cat Rock on Saturday after a report came in that he [Hobbes] was deceased.  Upon my arrival I observed that Hobbes had a significant wound to his head.  I touched the back of his shell and realized he was still alive.  I loaded him up in my carrier and the caller helped me carry him to my vehicle. I brought him to a wildlife clinic hoping for the best but thinking the worst.”

The Owl admits that she jumped down a few lines at this point in the email, not wanting to read that Hobbes had not made it, but then…

“I just spoke with his caretakers and it looks like there is no damage to his skull and they expect him to recover!  Unfortunately it may take through the winter for a full recovery.  They will keep me updated and hopefully if he continues to heal we can hold a big ‘release’ party at Cat Rock. “

CSI Weston has determined that the wound was not caused by a dog. The only thing they thought was that it was from a boat propeller but since there are no boats allowed on Hobbes Pond, it will remain a mystery.       

ACO Karen and the Owl will let you know when it’s time for the big release party in the spring. Resilient little…umm…big dude, no? And that is your happy story for the day!

Ready for photo?

Just a flesh wound, says Hobbes

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