Field Hockey and Football Home Games Today

Photo blatantly stolen from AD Mike McGrath’s twitter page.

The Weston Wildcats have three home games today, featuring girls varsity and junior varsity field hockey, as well as football. Put on your best maroon and kitty-katty shirts and get out there to cheer them on. If you’re attending football tonight, invest in some mosquito repellent and enjoy being under the lights at Proctor Field. You watched the show and it’s Friday and there are lights. Get out there for the live action.

Girls varsity field hockey starts off the afternoon at 4 pm at Turf Field 1 (the field at the entrance to the athletic area of Weston High School). They will be playing Dracut, a town which the Owl has never heard of but further investigation shows it is just north of Lowell, has 31,000 residents AND is the second most populous town with an open town meeting form of government. Extra credit if you figure out who is number 1. The Owl feels the need to hit the sidelines and see how their townsfolk feel about town meeting.

Girls junior varsity field hockey then takes on Dracut’s junior varsity on the same field at 5:30. Did I know that Field Hockey games were less than an hour long? I did not. Much to learn here. Go ‘cats.

Finally, Weston Football takes on the Dover-Sherborn Raiders at 7 pm at the magnificent and well-glued-together Proctor Stadium. Dover-Sherborn continues to be one of our BIGGEST rivals. I understand our Football team to be small but mighty, and more than deserving of our heartfelt cheering.

Let’s see: this weekend the Girls varsity and junior varsity soccer teams are in Bedford, Field Hockey is home against Holliston, but Volleyball has been postponed. As always, you can stay up to date here at Arbiter Live.

Oh, and Boys Soccer won yesterday against O’Bryant. Stole this one too from AD McGrath:

Let’s go, ‘cats!

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