Weston Beach vs Weston Bistro: A Tutorial

Recently, the Owl has sensed confusion when talking about meetings at the Weston Beach or the Weston Bistro. Apparently, people believe that we need to have water to have a beach, and a cafe to have a bistro. How do I put this gently? You’re wrong.

Now, before I start the tutorial on the difference between the two locations, you get a bonus tutorial today…on owls. Did you know that barred owls are particularly good at sensing confusion/prey because they have asymmetrical ears (one higher, one lower, different sizes)? This allows them to not only appear in Modigiani paintings, but also to pinpoint the exact location of prey by the small differences in the amount of time that sounds are received by each ear. Barred owls are cool.

Anyway, here goes the tutorial. Please note that the Bistro may soon become the Beach and the tables and chairs move to….ummm, no idea. These are rumors, people. Do you think Town Center changes are communicated to this humble news source? No. So I make them up.

Weston Beach

Why is one chair giving the cold shoulder to the others? I don’t know. Introverted? Could be.

The Weston Beach is anywhere the migrating white Adirondack chairs are. Actually, they are not true Adirondack chairs but more like sitting on Chatham dockside chairs. ADK chairs are rounded and graceful. These are …. not. But I love them anyway. They are currently on the beach front of the Town Green–yes, they probably witnessed the famous Hurricane Ida vernal pool there. Apparently these chairs are planned to move back to the Bistro area which was once the beach, but I have zero confirmation on that. Also, could someone please paint these chairs Wildcat maroon? They would weather the gravel beach at the Center so much better. Right now, they just look dirty. All the time.

Weston Bistro

Bistro table with reflected clouds

The Weston Bistro appeared like magic one day with some metal/wood chairs and tables, a couple of which have chess markings on the top. I question where these chess pieces will be coming from– or do we bring our own? Why didn’t we go whole hog and just put in one of those life size chess sets? We could duel Country vs Woodland, northside vs southside, JOST vs GBT. Alas, we have classy tables for our takeout brie from Bros. Also appearing at the Bistro are some cool hightops and bar stools, designed to spectate the Bistro area and cheer on the fire trucks when they round the scary corner from Center Street.

All we need is a big-screen TV for the Raiders games.

There, is it all clear now? Next week’s Tutorial will cover the difference between a rolling stop (as executed by 90% of west to east travelers at the 4-way stop of doom at the First Parish) and a full stop which would be the traffic at route 30 for fully 20 minutes while the buses try to get to school. The Tutorial will be given by K9 Knox while his human writes you a ticket.

Carry on, Weston. See you at the beach.


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