Wildcats Week in Sports

Yowza, the calendar is heating up with league games against lots of Ws this week.

Golf is first up today against Westford, and then takes on Bedford on Tuesday.

Volleyball is at St. Bernard’s School today–I have never heard of it…I’ll look that up sometime.

Tuesday has both Junior Varsity and Varsity girls Field Hockey at Westford. It’s a Westford week — stay tuned. Girls JV and Varsity Soccer are at home tomorrow against Wayland–that rivalry is always a good time.

Wednesday, JV and Varsity Girls Field Hockey are back on the field (whoo, they will be tired) against Hopkinton–those are away games.

Fortunately, everyone gets to relax on Thursday as it is a school holiday.

On Friday, the Wildcats go on the prowl against Westford. Boys JV and Varsity Soccer teams are away at Westford while the Girls JV and Varsity Soccer teams are at home against Westford. What is up with this Westford Academy and their rivalry week with Weston? I see that they are the “Grey Ghosts” which is a strikingly bizarre mascot name. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the school system is one of the oldest in the country, dating to 1792? Dunno. Will investigate.

Middle School soccer joins the party on Friday with Boys and Girls Soccer at Dedham. They’ll be back in time to watch the football game at Proctor on Friday night–Football takes on Boston Latin at 7 pm on Friday at Proctor Field.

Go ‘cats.

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