Swap Shed Grand Reopening Saturday

Yes, you read that correctly: it’s the GRAND reopening of the Swap Shed. Only in Weston would it have such a lead-up…but probably only in Weston do we have the frequently-upper-shelf goods that frequently appear there. Personally, I love the pianos and the outdoor furniture–and the bicycles and skis. Good times are back, Weston! Gosh, I hope there is a band and refreshments.

This Swap Shed “amenity” of the town is for town residents only–you must pay our real estate taxes to get stuff for free. Yeah, Pay As You Throw is still a couple of weeks away, though your sticker should have arrived by now. See below if not. Your regular transfer station or recycling sticker will get you into the highly coveted Swap Shed through September. We need a new name for it–Wes-TEN, help me out. Treasure Tent? Grand Ol’ Swap Shed? Most Excellent Swap Shed (abbreviated MESS)? Hmmm.

In any case, these volunteers are AWESOME for dedicating time to checking out what snakes and ashtrays are being dropped by, and making the place available to everyone. I may have to drop by to see what treasures appear on the first day–or if there are any roving reporters out there, please take a few shots for me. Bring the volunteers some cookies. Bring them other stuff too. Time to clean out that pile in the garage that has just been waiting for a new happy home….

More information on Pay As You Throw will be published on this page a little closer to October 1. For now, here’s what you need to know. Please note that the PAYT permit is NOT needed until October 1.

Current Users of the Transfer Station

If you are registered as a current user of the Transfer Station, one free permit sticker is being mailed out to you to help with the program transition. Watch your mail for a letter from Town Hall for your permit:The registration number is what was listed as the primary vehicle for the last permit cycleIf the registration number on it is incorrect, bring it with you to Town Hall for a replacementIf you need a second permit, have that vehicle’s registration number and contact the Treasurer/Collector at collector@westonma.gov or stop by Town Hall, Mon. – Fri., 8:30 to 5 p.m. to obtain your second permit
people with a banner that says new
New Users of the Transfer Station

If you are new to town (welcome) or have been around for a while and are interested in using the facility, it’s easy to get yourself a permit (or two). Print the Permit Application (PDF) and deliver it along with your vehicle registration information to the Treasurer/Collector’s Office at Town Hall, either in person, by mail, or drop it off in the secure drop box outside of Town Hall. 

Find more information at WestonMA.gov/TSPermits

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