Where am I? Brazil or Weston?

Brazil or Weston?

Some of you may never visit Brazil for whatever reason, so I’m bringing Brazil to you. This view through the windshield is pretty much EXACTLY what it looked like for 15 miles on our way from São Paulo city to a weekend house in Joanopolis, Brazil in the early ’00s. Well, actually this is a tiny bit better. It’s Newton Street, which I made the mistake of trying to get through on the way to check out a tree down report on conservation trails. Don’t do like the Owl. Your suspension will not appreciate it.

Reminds me of the very first Town Meeting I attended in Weston about six years ago when someone got up to say that Weston’s bad roads were like “third world” roads. I remember being a tad offended. But perhaps, he was right–we do have a Brazilian roadway temporarily on display. This one will be paved shortly–where I come from, the roadway will probably never be paved.

Brazil or Weston? Oh, all right, the red dirt and tiny owlets give it away

In other news, “downtown” Weston, the Town Center Improvement Project, will be paving this Sunday night and Monday night. Avoid downtown from 4 pm Sunday to 7 am Monday (yeah, the bars and nightclubs are closed anyway), and again Monday night from sometime to sometime. There, I have summarized the DPW update since Kara is not here to do it. Sigh.

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