Town Center Re-Hab Rolls to a Grand Finale

Ready to rumble! Photo by SLON V KASHE on Unsplash

Anyone feel like Town Center work has been going on forever? Does anyone actually remember what Weston looked like without huge trucks, pavement “surprises” and orange cones? So, here’s your good news of today: we’re in the end game. Le coup de grace. Das Ende. O fim. Out of languages, so moving on.

The final work on “the largest road construction project in Weston’s history will be completed overnight, under cover of darkness. Why so mysterious? Oh just kidding, folks; it’s not to hide the bodies, it’s to make it as painless as possible for our residents and our school buses which are remarkably starting to show up on time. Knock knock knock knock…that was on wood.

First phase is Sunday evening, September 19–my dad turns 82 that day, happy birthday, dad! (why do New York Times reporters never do shout-outs in their stories? Hunh). Make sure you’re off the roads in town center by 7 pm or be covered by asphalt. Or crushed by one of those roll-y musher things. Set-up starts at 7 pm, work begins at 8 pm, and these folks are pulling an all-nighter. By 5 am, the streets will be emptied of trucks, but probably not large orange cones… patience, people.

On Monday evening through Tuesday morning, a similar 7 pm/8pm/5 am schedule will be followed. Makes me sleepy just to think about it. Chin up, Weston, we’re almost there! Yes, I know you will all miss hitting curbs and ignoring crosswalks but life moves on.

Here’s the official plan from the town:

Phase 1 – Sept. 19/20

Crews will mobilize at 7 p.m. at/around the eastern section of the project limit, from First Parish Church to approximately the western edge of the new Town Square (Center St).Construction will begin at 8 p.m. and will end at 5 a.m.

Phase 2 – Sept. 20/21

Crews will mobilize at 7 p.m. at/around the western section of the project limit, from the Phase 1 completion point to Linwood Avenue.

Construction will begin at 8 p.m. on Monday and will end at 5 a.m.

Temporary Road Closures and Detours

During paving operations, expect road closures and detours – please plan accordingly. Town Center businesses will be accommodated for close of business. Roadways will be re-opened for the morning commute. 

Final Pavement Markings

Final pavement markings are anticipated to be completed during the week of Sept. 26th and will also be performed during overnight operations, weather permitting. More information to come.

Additional Information 


  • Hope for Weston Downtown?

    Great! Now let’s figure out what’s happening with the Tavern. Not a lot of info on town website or in Perm Building Committee minutes. Are we on budget? On schedule? When is renovation done? Are any restaurants looking to take it on, esp in light of the difficult last 18 months in the industry?

    PS what is happening at old Brueggers, and ye Old cottage, and frankly that whole walgreens stripmall that now looks a bit, non-historic (?) now that we have dressed up our downtown? Will we ever get a draw for families to come into town (eg ice cream store/cafe/breakfast place)? Or will our downtown forever be consigned to more bank branches and real estate agencies?

    • The Owl has requested a backstage tour of the JoST — looks like I can get in maybe end of September. Brueggers has been rented out to owner of Dumpling Daughter—menu of new place unknown. YOC? I don’t know.

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