Wildcats on the Prowl this Week

So, it’s a busy day here in Owl-landia and while I had been hopeful about having time to talk about Weston High School and Middle School athletics this week, I feel that I have to cheat by simply publishing what’s up from Arbiter Live. We have no fewer than 28 games and matches and mushings taking place this week. While Weston is not the biggest school district, we sure know how to compete.

Later this week, I will be unable to stay away from my favorite new rivalry with Westford Academy. Oh all right, it’s not new since WA has been around since 1792 and we…haven’t. They won against all of our soccer teams on Friday and I’m feeling grudge-y. Also I am beginning to see why they are called the Grey Ghosts…though that is about to change…because they are totally shadowing us. They have a Stony Brook. We have a Stony Brook. They have 2,000 acres of conservation land, we have 2,000 acres of conservation land. They wear maroon, we wear maroon. We broke off from Watertown, they broke off from Chelmsford. Our names start with “West”… It’s all a bit spooky really, especially when you read about their Knight! Boo! Now why don’t they rename to the Knights? Seems obvious, no?

I like them, I must say, and they have one beautiful town. More on this later this week, while I stealthily drive around their town and look for reasonably priced real estate.

High School Principal Mr. Peri promises to show up at the home boys soccer games on Thursday. I’m just going to post that here to add pressure. You know he reads this.

Have a great week, all and GO ‘CATS!

Update: Just saw this great article on one of our Wildcats in the Boston Globe. Love it!

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