METCO Family Friend Fundraiser in Full Swing: Pickup Notes

If I had more space, I would subtitle this one as “Things you didn’t know you needed, but you actualy do.” WordPress does not allow such wordiness, however. Parents of elementary students past and present will recognize these handy personalized pickup note pads where you can check off and sign off on your kids’ plans so that their teachers will know where they’re going. I still have a few leftover yellow and orange ones from Country and Field days. I use them now to pretend that I know where my ninth graders are going I actually have no idea. Someone does have to explain to me what FFAP is. Federation Francaise de Artistes Parisiennes? Probably not. Send your kids there and find out.

The fundraiser benefits the Family Friend program and its activities. This fall, there are six METCO students in kindergarten at Country and eight at Woodland (6+8=14—you’re welcome!)At the end of kindergarten, each is paired with a “family friend.” These family friends participate in hands-on craft and learning activities, and have SNACKS (I love snacks) together. Last year during Covid restrictions, there was a virtual Animal adventures for grades K- 3.

The funds pay for the Field school field trip–the last one was an in- house field trip (also Animal Adventures–those are popular!) The Family Friends program also pays for family friends activities at the middle school. the last year they were able to do an in person field trip, they went to the Launch trampoline park.

And because no activity can really exist without food (wait, that might be my rule), the family friends program hosts an annual Potluck supper, which has traditionally been held at the high school and is scheduled for April 1, 2022. This year, they are also planning to have a family friend outing at the Franklin Park Zoo for elementary family friends. Seriously, animals are big.

Back to the notepads. Get them. If you have multiple kids, you can even put more than one name on the title line and just circle which kid you’re talking about. As in, if your kids are Joe and Jill, get that printed as Joe Jill and circle one. That was obvious, right? Fica a dica (Portuguese for there’s my advice).

Order form is here, as is the contact information for Anna Lambert, who coordinates the program. Orders are due September 30.

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