AIC’s Art & Innovation Series Re-Starts Thursday, September 23

Photo courtesy of Weston Art & Innovation Center

After a summer hiatus (hibernation?). the second season of Through the Lens of Art and Innovation: Building Bridges at the Weston Art & Innovation Center starts tomorrow. This season, the series has an expanded title to include “innovation.” Last year’s series was focused on art…though arguably there is a little bit of both in each.

According to the website, the AIC is taking on questions about how innovation can result in inclusion and how inclusion results in innovation. The speakers this fall recognize the larger potential of filling global needs and each one found gaps they could help fill to enhance the lives of others. With the help of thousands of volunteers or as an individual driver, our speakers have touched large communities of people. 

The first speaker is Dr. Jon Schull, who was inspired by a video of the first 3D printed mechanical hand, and recognized a need to support the efforts of those who were fabricating 3D printed prosthetic hands. To answer that need, e-NABLE was born, a global group which has grown to over 20,000 “digital humanitarians.” Using open-source designs created, printed and assembled by these volunteers, an estimated 8,000 children and adults in need have received free and low-cost prosthetic upper limb devices. Enabling the Future is using technology and innovation to help improve the lives of those born missing fingers or hands, or who have lost them due to war, natural disaster, illness or accidents.

For a look at a 3D printed hand at the Weston AIC, please take a look at the recent Wes-TEN focused on the AIC. You can find information at the 7:20 mark (though the entire show is absolute GENIUS).


Setptember 23, 7-8:30 pm, by zoom. This event is free and open to the public but registration is required. Zoom links will be provided the day before the event.

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