Housekeeping – Weston Owl

When I first saw this tree while walking through the Pine Street forest yesterday, I thought of posting it as real estate available on the southside. But of course it’s not available (Conservation property means protected forever) and who would fit except an owl? While I haven’t seen one in Weston’s woods, others do see the Northern Saw-whet owl occasionally–saw-whets is almost exclusively nocturnal. Saw-whets don’t pay financial rent, but they do rip up and eat deer mice, which carry the Lyme disease tick–so you should be a huge fan. Here’s a cute photo for attention:

Now that you have learned a fun fact, another bit of housekeeping is that this Owl does indeed pay rent in the guise of hosting fees and other stuff. I do not behead deer mice to get by. I appreciate all of the donations that have come in so far, and I would simply ask that if you have enjoyed an article or two that you throw some love over to the Owl’s paypal. I do not allow advertising at this point, and don’t charge for subscriptions. You can find the donation link here.

Finally, if you have chosen to get your Owl by subscription (entering your email on the home page), please make sure you add the address to your e-mail contact list. Otherwise, the Owl gets tossed into Spam which is hurtful and not at all helpful to anyone.

And now this month’s fundraising appeal is over, and the phone bank has been cleared.

Thank you.

The Owl.

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