Let’s Talk Turkey (Ordering) – Codman Community Farms

Content Warning: If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you may want to skip this post. I have no idea where to get a Tofurkey so you’re on your own.

It’s time to order your pasture-and-forage fed turkey for Thanksgiving. Getting one at Codman Community Farms in Lincoln is easier than battling Verrill or Wilson Farms crowds, and you’ll be supporting a community farm in Lincoln. CCF is owned by the Town of Lincoln, and managed by Pete Lowy, Jen Hashley, and their son Abe. They also have really cool large dogs which protect their chicken flocks — you can see them every time you drive down Codman Road in Lincoln.

Chicken dog (from video here)

Turkeys can be reserved in one of two sizes, small or large, for $6.99/pound. The small one runs 11-16 pounds, and the large is 17-27 pounds. You’ll need to reserve here and pay a deposit of $25. They do sell out, and earlier than you think.

Fica a dica (there’s my advice).

Note also that the CCF Harvest Fair is on Sunday, October 3 and is a great time for kids and adults!

Codman Community Farms, 58 Codman Road in Lincoln. info@codmanfarm.org.

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