Special Town Meeting Canceled…How About a State of the Town Meeting?

So the Owl missed the Select Board meeting on Tuesday night because she was learning about Affordable Housing at 0 Wellesley Street. I like the plans. I just want them to change the address–no one wants to live at a place qualified as a “zero.” How about One Wellesley Street? Fancy. Oh, all right, 7 Wellesley Street…lucky, actually exists, etc.

Anyway, what was my point? Oh yes, apparently the Select Board canceled the November 30 Special Town Meeting which is only a little annoying because I had written a post on how to submit a Citizen’s Petition for it. Oh well. Anyway, it’s gone, use your time for other stuff like eating turkey leftovers. Oh, that reminds me I need to post turkey info. Hold please.

At the same time Weston was canceling its Special Town Meeting, I happened to wander over to Lincoln as I tend to do because it is my backyard. Quite literally. They have something cool called State of the Town. Do we have State of the Town? I love it. It’s virtual this year, and here’s what’s the plan over in Lincoln–three nights, all start at 7 pm.

November 1:

  • The public health situation
  • Finance Committee 
  • School building project
  • Special Town Meeting warrant articles

November 2:

  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Antiracism Initiative (IDEA)
  • Climate Action Planning Committee

November 3:

  • South Lincoln planning
  • Community center

And…shazaam the town is updated on some of what is happening. Good idea, no? If not, tell me why not. I suspect lawyers are involved in telling me it’s a bad idea….but here’s what we could do with our Weston nights:

Night 1:

  • Town Center Improvement Project final rundown
  • JOST rundown
  • What the heck is going on with Case Estates’ buildings (Barn, Rand, Schoolhouse)?

That’s building night…then

Night 2:

  • Finance Committtee
  • School stuff: how’s it going one year later

That’s numbers night and then…

Night 3:

  • Affordable Housing: HPP wrap-up, status of Whopper, Whizbang and Whatever projects
  • Sustainability wrap-up including PAYT and other stuff.

That’s painful discussions night …

Sometimes I feel like we don’t know what has happened with our last town meeting approvals and projects…here’s a good way to catch up, no? We can call it State of the Semi-Rural Town.

Just sayin’.

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