METCO Fruit Fundraiser is Back Starting Today

Photo by Sina Katirachi on Unsplash

Beginning today, orders are being accepted for the Weston METCO Fruit Sale Fundraiser! Not only will you feel good for supporting this great program, but you get to eat too. And healthy! Well, don’t look at the cheesecakes also on the shopping list–or do: you only live once. Yes, you may also support cookies and popcorn sales for our local scouts–no one is judging you.

100% of the proceeds raised from the fruit fundraiser go to help support Weston High School METCO Student Activities. In the past, funds raised have assisted with field trip and AP exam fees as well as host special METCO student celebrations and community building events. This year, the fundraiser hopes to raise funds to also help support the Global Student Travel Fund, which offers scholarships to assist METCO Students participation in educational travel opportunities.

Here are the details:

Click here to log on to the group fruit sale website. Orders are accepted beginning October 4, 2021, and close on November 19, 2021. Fruit will be delivered to Weston High School during the week of December 6 and you will be notified of day/time of pick up.

If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Cabral, (781) 786-5850,

Thank you for supporting METCO students!

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