Lines in “Downtown” Weston

In front of JoST this morning

As I was driving into downtown Weston, where “downtown” is loosely used, I was rewarded with a sign that said “safe driver! thank you!” Which is pretty much all the positive affirmation I need today.

And yet, there was more. The lines have been painted at least from the Weston Pediatric Associates through the intersection of doom at BPR/School St.. Weston, you look fabulous today!

Come on out and practice your parallel parking because your spaces are now marked. Park your convertible Ferrari next to a high curb—I dare you (one owner has already taken me up on that). Also enjoy the Beach, Bistro and the Pocket Park with Loooonnngggg Bench. Beach, Bistro and Bench. Who could ask for more?

Enjoy Weston!

Weston Bench in the Pocket Park


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