Trees, Glorious Trees – A Must-Read

Butternut Tree at Case Estates getting some love

In case you think the Owl is the only one obsessed with trees, think again! We have a wonderful Tree Advisory Group that is working to educate and better our town’s biggest asset: trees. And yes, my little “I-hate-white-pines” friends (where “friends” is used loosely), you should read this post because it will even tell you how to cut your trees if you so choose to ignore their screaming and their mother trees who would kibosh you if they could. Ahem.

First of all, I learned yesterday that there is a new cool informational website for the Town about who you can contact when you have a tree question–or perhaps, a tree IN question. There are answers to questions such as:

  • How do I determine who owns a tree?
  • This tree on the right of way is looking iffy, who should I contact and how?
  • That new Town Center tree is dead. Who takes care of that?
  • There’s a tree down on a trail…who do I call?

While the DPW Director will hate me (more) for pointing out the obvious, as Tree Warden for the town and the leader of DPW, Parks, Facilities, etc, you should call him for most iffy street trees. Don’t get put off by his “machete vs scalpel” and other comments–he’s just really busy. It’s always busy season at the DPW.

For extra credit, you can also read this Owl post on Public Shade Tree law.

Persimmon fruits

In other tree news, the CPA fund grant of $3215 (approved at this spring’s town meeting) to care for two trees at Case Estates has been used up and the results are fantastic. Tree Specialists Inc, my favorite arborists and tree preservationists, have tidied up the butternut and persimmon trees to weather storms and get rid of deadwood and invasives. The Owl stopped in twice during the day to check on progress, and had a munch of some persimmon fruits (it’s a girl tree) while there. You can check out this short video made by Weston Media Center and starring TAG Chair, Lori Hess.

You’re now up to date on trees…well, almost. Get yourself outside for a walk in Ogilvie or Jericho forests–the yellow birches are in full autumn color (and losing leaves already, sigh) and the maples are growing redder by the minute. Trees rule.

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