Committee and Commission Meetings This Week

So, it looks like it’s another fun week of Weston Committee and Commission roulette. As usual, the Tuesday of Doom has a number of meetings that conflict on timing, and the Owl must choose who gets the benefit of her sharp gaze. On the other hand, the sharp gaze has also noted that the town calendar is currently out of date and incorrect–the Financial Summit between the School Committee, Select Board, and Finance Committee is actually Monday, October 25 at 8:30 am. I have things to say about that one, mostly having to do with how the School Committee has only 10 minutes to lay out their stuff. Say what? Okay, carry on.

So once we cancel out the Summit, Tuesday is do-able between Library Trustees (4:45 pm), and either Historical Commission or Sustainability at 7 pm. Lemme look at their agendas for my recommendation. Here’s Historical, where I am very interested in Merriam Barn work…yay Eagle Scout. This will all be by zoom, get the online agenda here:

Sustainability is also an online meeting–maybe you can toggle back and forth to keep things moving along. Update to Pay As You Throw could be fun. Their agenda is here and screenshot below:

Wait, that’s just Tuesday. Let’s see what else goes on this week. I need to shorten things up; I have a 3 pm meeting.

Whoa! It’s Supersized Wednesday. Check out all the fun on this day, which does not include the Varsity Soccer Dinner which of course I will have to attend as the Parent Most Likely to Embarrass Her Kid. You’re on your own, Weston, good luck getting to all of these. Oh, definitely get to Tree Advisory Group–that’s in person and it’s nice out there, no?

You can get all the agendas here online, though I guess I will highlight the following in my usual biased way: (UPDATE 10/20/21 at 2:30 pm: Permanent Building Committee meeting has been canceled). Permanent Building Committee will have an update on the JoSTice (Josiah Smith Tavern. By the way, if the new tavern restauranteurs do not name their restaurant JoSTice or Justice, I will be seriously disappointed) and the Memorial Pool Renovations. This meeting is in person and at the Case House where you can check out how that was renovated just before the pandemic. Bonus. Planning Board is online and has its usual tiny agenda (that is sarcasm, people) that is impossible to fit into a screenshot. I would pay attention to the proposed Outdoor Watering Conservation Measures piece. Those are quite some regulations.

Rec Commission and Weston Cultural Council also meet Wednesday. Hard to miss Rec Commission since they are discussing also the Memorial Pool renovation, youth use of fields, the scandalous amount of trash at Lamson Park AND pickleball. I really need to hire more reporters.

Folks, is it the weekend yet? I’m exhausted and all I’m doing is looking at agendas. Thursday has the Board of the Council on Aging at 8:30 am and Stormwater Permitting Authority at 2 pm. Could be good times, not sure, I’ve never been to either. Look them up if you’re interested. Friday, I’m just done.

Get involved, Weston, even if it’s just by zoom!

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