Greek Dinner from St. Demetrios: Order Now for Sunday Pick-Up

Did you know that October 26 is the Feast Day for St. Demetrios of Thessaloniki? No? Well, neither did I until wikipedia helped me out. In celebration of feasting and their namesake, St. Demetrios of Brown Street, is offering a Greek menu for pick-up — but you have to plan ahead–you need to order now for Sunday pick-up (no dine-in).

The Owl has a great fondness for St. Demetrios Church as she spends a lot of time near it while taking the Owlets to school. Also, there was the most marvelous Greekfest there in June 2015–where I spent a couple of hours with 8 year old Owlets who ate like champions and shared a table with a Harley-riding biker dude who rode around to different food festivals on weekends, all over the east coast. Mr. Owl was traveling. His loss.

Greek Fest 2015

My favorite part of this event, besides the food, the biker, the beer, and the friendly servers, was the coloring table where sheets of religious-themed coloring pages were available for the kids. One Owlet, who was never one to color within the lines, was like, what? A cross? And he flipped the paper over with a bang, and drew a minotaur. I still have it. I thought it was pretty awesome but I got the kids out of there before their little faux pas was noted.

Now, Greek food is yummy–my favorite restaurant in the world, Post Corner Pizza in Darien CT, is Greek. My favorite restaurant in Chicago, the Greek Islands, is also Greek. No Greek restaurant in Weston? Well, for one day a year, there is! . Order online by end of day on October 20–no on-site orders accepted. Pick up your order between 11 am and 1 pm on Sunday, October 24.

Okay, so one more fun fact for the day: St. Demetrios was the patron saint of agricultture, peasants and shepherds–so he fits right in here in Weston. He is also the patron saint of crusading, according to wikipedia, but was not particularly good at it as he himself was run through with spears. Try not to think about that while eating your kebab. Oh, just kidding, please don’t strike me with lightning.

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