Wildcat Statue, Gift from Class of 2020, Leaps To Life in Front of WHS

Last night while picking up an Owlet from a soccer game, a line of cars and knot of students revealed that the Wildcat statue, a gift from the “pandemic class of 2020” as they seem to always be termed, was in place on top of its pedestal in front of Weston High School. The pedestal had appeared a couple of weeks ago, leading to all kinds of silly posed students on top of it. Yes, kids, I do see Instagram, though I admit that I dislike it very much. The Wildcat itself leaped up to its perch sometime on Friday.

The Owl declines to report further on class gifts and indeed said Wildcat until an Owlet, currently a journalism student at WHS, has finished his story on it, and then in a startling act of nepotism, will cross-post it here. So much for independent non-biased news media. Let’s be real–Wildcat Tracks, the high school newspaper, should break that news.

In the mean time, I predict a new series of photos of various folks getting swatted with that uplifted paw. Will the Wildcat become a Boston Garden duckling in terms of holiday theming? Can we get it a Santa hat? (probably not, separation of Hallmark and state) A pussy hat? (this will crack me up due to pun intended). Maybe soccer, lacrosse and football shirts? Field hockey? I admit I do worry about permanent vandalism. Let’s get a camera pointed at that statue, stat.

Thank you, Class of 2020 and come on back and take a photo being swatted. And call me, or Insta me or whatever so I can post it too.

Ducklings have outfits. Wildcats? Let’s see. Image credit: http://www.whdh.com

If you’re really bored this morning, you can read this post from the Field Museum in Chicago which does dress up its brachiosaurus but not its T-rex. I will not post photos of dinos in Cubs outfits because I have met Boston sports fans and I decline to die over dinos.

Go ‘cats!

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