Commissions and Committees this Week: An Owl’s Eye View

Photo by René Riegal on Unsplash

Well, looks like this week is chock-a-block with official and unofficial stuff to do–and that’s not even counting that it’s BAT WEEK! I love bats. Not Batman–whooo we’re working our way through that Netflix show Gotham here and just wow, violence. No, Bat Week is about the actual fluffy winged things that eat up to their body weight in insects each night. Bye, bye skeeters.

Okay, well, that fun information aside, what’s coming up this week?

Monday is all schools all the time. It’s time for the Financial Summit which is kind of like the G7 except it’s the G3 and no one wants to be France. It is the School Committee, Select Board and the Finance Committee talking about…stuff. Okay, the agenda is here and I will say that though I would love to come along and tell someone who cares that the teacher cutbacks at the high school have been a problem to my kids, there is no time for public comment. Here’s my public comment: If one more teacher gets cut at the HS, well, things could get ugly here during Bat Week. Financial Summit, Monday, October 25 at 8:30 am by zoom.

Our hard-working School Committee is back in the saddle at 7 pm on Monday night for its regularly-scheduled meeting now apparently always online.

Updated on 10/22 after initial posting on 10/20 to include ‘Reading Showcase’ and Student Org. Approval

I have no comments, surprisingly, on this agenda except that I am in favor of reading at all levels.

On Tuesday, October 26, it is the turn of the least controversial of all groups, the Advisory Board of the Weston Art & Innovation Center. That’s at 5 pm and is live and in-person at the reading room at the AIC. Agenda is here. Then it’s time for Permanent Building Committee Redux (canceled last week, back again this week) at the Case House at 7 pm. All kinds of fun updates on the JoSTice, the High School roof project (“accelerated repair program” sounds a bit scary) and the Memorial Pool renovation which again bothers me to be treated as a building. It is water. Trust me. Agenda here.

Ah, I see how this is going. Tuesday is the night of needing Hermione’s Time-Turner– at 7 pm, the Select Board will be working hard as they always do, and they’ll be on zoom for your stay-at-home viewing pleasure. Things that seem worth a listen: the Men in Suits (Greatlands) seem to be opposed to wells. I have to assume they are specifically opposed to wells at the former Liberty Mutual site and not wells throughout the town, but folks, these are the guys who fly black balloons from the ramparts and have lots of bike storage. Suspecty. Oh, never mind, inside joke. Celebrations committee discussion should be fun as long as all celebrations must involve free cake. For me. Agenda here.

Let’s see, Tuesday also has the Zoning Board of Appeals at 7 pm, but it’s nothing very fiery–seems to be two homeowners asking for special attention. If you care, you can find the agenda here. Bringing up the rear at 7:30 pm is Conservation Commission which has the most detailed agenda known to mankind and I love it! Makes it easy to see if the Owl needs to swoop, or rather zoom, in. Basically it’s 90% wetland permitting issues, 3% invasive management (thanks, Weston-Wayland Rotary) and 2% land management stuff. Oh ooops that’s 95% not 100%. Well, there are minutes to approve. I think I’ll stick to Select Board. Lucky you!

Talk about front-loading on the week! Wednesday and Thursday are Committee and Commission-free so you can concentrate on BATS. It’s movie night on Wednesday at Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, and it’s about BATS. You can watch the trailer here, and sign up here. Very limited seating.

Have a great week, Weston! Enjoy the rain.

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