Sunday Gratitude – Spirits of the Forest

It’s Halloween — a day I cherish not for the scares, nor the adult parties, nor the horror movies, but for the joy of make-believe and the kids. The ones who believe that they really are the Black Panther, a dinosaur, a princess, or a samurai, if only for one day. Who wouldn’t want to be one of those for a day? Smite the bad guys, tromple whoever you want, get other people to clean up after you, or slice and dice with a large sword. It all appeals, really.

With owlets in high school now, I miss those fun dress-up days when the debate was over who would win–Superman or Triceratops? Green Lantern or Zoboomafoo? One owlet was so enamored of Superman that he went to preschool every day for a month in his Superman costume–this was in Brazil–and the security guard used to help him fly through the front gate, cape a-flapping. Every night, I would wash it and hang it to dry, ready to fly into Escola Vera Cruz again the next day.

Probably my favorite costume was the Spirit of the Forest, which an owlet chose to be when he was eight. I don’t remember now if the Spirit was supposed to be a ghost of some cutdown forest, or if it was the soul of the conservation lands flying around the back streets of Silver Hill, but I loved the imagination and the creation of his own costume.

Spirit of the Forest and… Go Blue.

My Sunday Gratitude is for the chance to make believe for an afternoon and evening that there are princesses, and warriors and leopards, and transformers and that they all live right down the street from me here in Weston. Not to mention the spirits of the forest who, though they are “all grown up”, will always be nearby.

Happy Halloween to all!

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  • Tonight was the 3rd (?) year in a row with no trick or treaters. We use to have dozens. Covid? Private parties? No kids in the neighborhood? Trick-or-treating is going the way of skipping school to go fishing?

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