Few Hotspots on Commission Agendas This Week

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Happy first week of November, Weston. Rabbit, rabbit. Or, as seems so prevalent these days: wild turkey, wild turkey, wild turkey etc until you’ve been idling for fully 10 minutes waiting for these exceptionally pin-headed birds to make up their mind on north vs south across the roadway. Semi-rural struggles are real, folks.

In between stowing away your skeletons in the closet for next year, feel free to check out this totally biased view of upcoming commission and committee meetings. The high-controversy ones, known as the G3 since last week, of School Committee, Select Board and Conservation–oh just kidding, the last one is Finance Committee, have the week off to sharpen their talons and wits for next week. So let’s see here::

Monday November 1: Library Board of Trustees was at 9:30 am. Oops. Well, I was walking around the woods with the K9 Ranger so missed that. I don’t think there was much controversial there. There were three trees down in Jericho though so I reported those, and not to the Library. Field School Council….umm, never mind. Take the day off–you deserve it!

Tuesday, November 2: Elderly Housing Committee at 7:45 am (hardcore!) and a Planning Board Site Visit at 10 am to the JoSTice to look at new landscaping plans and new condensers. Well, I am sorry but the local media just cannot come up with some controversial here.

Wednesday, November 3: Okay not meaning to criticize the overworked Town Hall but when I click on the agenda for Affordable Housing Trust at 8:30 am, up pops the agenda for the 7 pm Permanent Housing Committee. I have no clue what goes on there. So Affordable Housing is now discussing the Memorial Pool rebuild. Or not. Maybe they will fix it by the time you click in and you all will think I’m an idiot. Which is fine, and possibly not far from the real truth. In any case, was anyone showing up for the AHT? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Oh, thank you, Town, for throwing me a bone with the 10 am Board of Health meeting. Also I learned something new — did you know that sewerage is actually a word? I was about to get all crazy on the writing of a “Sewerage” project rather than a “Sewage” project but… they’re different things. Basically, sewage is poo and sewerage is the infrastructure for the carrying of poo. There’s your Owl tutorial, or hey see the real definitions here.

BOH Items 5 and 6 are TOTALLY the big controversy moments of your week. Well, maybe not Item 5 as that is all data-driven. No, Item 6 will be exciting as the indoor mask mandate for schools will be discussed, and I fully expect that data will drive this item as well. As of last week, Massachussetts has extended the universal indoor mask mandate for “most” schools until January 2022 at least. The key word is “most”–I shall copy and paste the Boston Globe’s wording here, as I think it is as well-written as it gets:

“Schools still will have the option to request permission to lift the mask requirement for vaccinated individuals if at least 80 percent of their student and staff body is vaccinated. The decision to lift masks is a local one, state education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley has said, and districts are not required to take advantage of it.” Boston Globe, October 25, 2021.

As of the Boston Globe writing 14 schools had requested lifting the mask requirement and 7 had been approved: Hopkinton High School, Ashland High School, Westborough High School, Sarah Gibbons Middle School in Westborough, Algonquin Regional High School, the New England Academy School, and the Corwin-Russell School @ Broccoli Hall. And as of October 28, Weston 12-15 year olds vaccination rate was 91%, while 16-19 year olds stood at 80%. (source here). So, What Will Weston Do? WWWD? 10 am, folks, by zoom.

Still on Wednesday, it appears the Permanent Building Committee has a 7 pm meeting mostly to discuss project updates on JoSTice, the pool, and the caving in ceiling of the high school. Oh okay, it’s not caving in, but needs repair. Also at 7 pm, and probably a better bet for controversy, is the Planning Board which has its usual full agenda of continued hearings, new hearings and other “stuff.” Looks like Greatland is back for approvals, and there’s a list of hearings with car barns, historial heritage overlay districts, affordable housing and the JoSTice. Online agenda and zoom link here.

On Thursday, November 4, things are already slowing down into the weekend. The Housing Subcommittee of the Council on Aging does have an interesting speaker at 8 am, however, who is Ms. Polly Dickson regarding Building in Weston. I am not sure what that presentation is exactly about, but sounds intriguing. Sadly the Owl will be unable to attend due to schlepping a broken-footed owlet to the high school.

And that, Weston, is all I’ve got for this week’s government meetings..lots more is going on for community events but that shall have to wait. Enjoy the beautiful day!

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