Smashing and Trashing Pumpkins in Weston

Land’s Sake Pumpkin Compost…or PumpComp…or Dump your Pump…or…

Update: Codman Farm in Lincoln may have one-upped Weston….see below

Happy Week After Halloween!! Hope you’re getting through all that candy or giving it to random people like I am. I’ve started taking down the ghosts and orange stuff, because though my family is technically from the House of Orange, I have no desire to have it all around me. I’m not from Wayland, btw, I’m talking the Netherlands. Sheesh.

If you’re like the Owl, you never even carved the pumpkins. Yah, laziness and also the Owlets are older and since they are now completely authorized to use sharp tools, they therefore have no interest in using them. Hence the six pumpkins that grace the large hay bale in the front yard show signs only of chipmunk teeth at this point. When they’re munched enough or smell like rotting flesh (pumpkin flesh; I have no idea what the other stuff smells like), it will be time to chuck them back in my woods for the little beasties to finish off in the compost heap. The deer heading to the Twin Ponds Conservation area seem to also like a nibble from time to time.

If you don’t have a backyard woods, and you want to do the right thing, local community farm Land’s Sake is ready and willing to help you out. Don’t throw your pumpkin in your trash, throw it in THEIR trash–which is actually two huge boxes destined for the compost out back at the farm.

Compost bins are available to the left as you enter the main parking lot. Please do not attempt to launch from your open car window–this does not always work out and prank night is long over.

Land’s Sake is at 90 Wellesley Street.

Update 5:30 PM. I just received word from Lincoln spies that Lincoln’s Codman Farm is holding a pumpkin smash tomorrow November 3 from 2 to 4 PM. Pumpkins will be fed to the pigs. This is simply irresistible and the Owl is going to have to go check this out.

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