Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Helping Others Through a Rough Patch

Jan Huck and Julie Palen, co-conspirators for Rough Patch Salsa

Weston resident Julie Palen has long been a supporter of causes local to Weston and to her home state of Kansas. Often found out on the trails on special projects for the WFTA (chips for the Nature Classroom, trash clean-up in Burchard are two examples), she also has given generously to food charities in the area. In March 2021, Julie donated a truck load of food to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and then a truckload of milk. In April, she spontaneously supported both the Girl Scout organization and the food pantry by buying and donating 240 boxes of cookies. Because everyone needs cookies to go with milk.

Late this summer, Julie turned her caring focus to an organization in her home state of Kansas, Feeling that every child should experience a wonderful childhood like hers, Julie is now raising money for the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center, an organization that provides children and adults assistance to heal the trauma of abuse.

Julie is covering costs involved in making and jarring “Rough Patch Salsa”, from a special secret recipe. All proceeds from sales of the salsa are donated to the WKCAC. She has also committed to home delivery of the salsa here in Weston and environs. If you’ve not tried Julie’s homemade salsa, trust me when I say you have a treat in store. I just bought 10 jars, ostensibly to give as gifts but let’s get real, I love salsa. And tacos. I love tacos and salsa. Also bake sales. And cake. In that order.

Ready for delivery in the greater Weston area

If you would like to support Julie’s mission and the Child Advocacy Center, you can place an order for a jar of salsa for $10. Home delivery can be arranged within the immediate Weston area (yes, all the Ws and Cs and Ls for sure). If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a visit from salsa girl. You can find out more about Rough Patch Salsa and order some jars of your very own on facebook or by sending an email to Julie at

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