Haunted Circus is Coming this Saturday

Not actually in Weston, in case that is not obvious. Photo by Robert Heiser on Unsplash

Why yes, you CAN re-live Halloween and get one more use out of those kiddie costumes! The annual Sophomore Class Haunted House event, which suffered a rain delay last week is back and better than ever this Saturday night, November 6 from 6-8 pm. The event, which is fun and not-too-scary for the kids, is a major theatrical production and could use your attendance–this is THE major fundraiser for the sophomore class. Don’t make this class spend Graduation Night at Qdoba. Go.

This year the theme is Haunted Circus, and while no (real) animals will be leaping through fiery hoops, there will be plenty of fun, light chills and thrills for the family. Every year the Sophomore Class renews PTO-funded Halloween decorations and objects to go with the year’s theme, which is dreamed up and voted on by the class. Rumor has it that the theme of “Honors Physics” was a finalist this year, but was ultimately discarded as no one could remember how to calculate the velocity of falling objects, nor how to scare little kids with that theme. There’s time enough for Dr. K in your future, boys and girls.

Kids who don’t wish to go into the Haunted Circus (one of the Owlets never wanted to go) have many activity options on Proctor Field. And refreshments will be available for sale NOT on Proctor Field as the Grounds Crew will not be happy with picking cheese pizza out of the turf. You cannot believe what’s in that turf–I know because I was on Rec Master Plan Steering Committee and Ben Polimer, our awesome fields coordinator, brought in a bucket of findings from one cleaning. It was almost like Mary Poppins’ handbag– out came nails, rubber bands, mouthpieces…I was expecting a shoe pretty soon. Yes, I did recycle this story from last week. Sue me. I have 400000000 Almond Joys here you can have.

Event details:

DATE: Saturday, November 6th from 6-8 pm.

WHERE: Outdoors at the HS and on Proctor Field (the lighted football field at the high school)

WHAT: Haunted Circus AND a big activity area set up on Proctor Field for kids of all ages (who may or may not want to also attend the Haunted Circus),

REFRESHMENTS: pizza, popcorn, candy, and snacks for sale at the Snack Shack!

COST: $10/person or $30/family. All proceeds go to support the Class of 2024

Go ‘cats!

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