METCO Matters – Fundraiser for John Hudson Scholarship

Actual photo of my new hoodie: yes, you can get your own.

Just in time for holiday ordering, the Boston Weston METCO Parent Organization (BWMPO) has a new fundraiser to support the John Hudson Memorial Scholarship. The goal of this fundraising effort is to provide all Weston METCO seniors (there are 12 this year) with a scholarship upon high school graduation. You can read more about the John Hudson Scholarship here on the Owl.

BWMPO has partnered with a local business owner to offer “METCO Matters” merchandise until the first winter break (December). Orders should be submitted on the website and will be shipped directly to your home.  METCO marketing materials state that “these items will make great stocking stuffers for the holidays” which is a tiny bit of a mystery to me as my stocking would defnitely not fit a hoodie in it. Buy some tote bags and roll them up–those will fit! Click here to place your order.

And now I will give you my usual digression while you consider how many items you need to buy. Here’s an illustration on why METCO matters. Two weeks ago the Owlet had to visit a hospital in Brighton. It was an hour and a half wait to see the orthopedist and we were a little cranky by the time we were met in a private room by a Physician’s Assistant (PA), who I shall not name, but is the very best PA ever and I will totally skip the doctor next time and just go to him.

While we were chatting about the possibility of the Owlet still being able to play the all-important Wayland-Weston game that Thursday, the PA got a smile on his face and said “I went to Wayland–I was in the METCO program there, and it was great.” And before we fixated too much on the fact that he was not going to release the Owlet for game day, we chatted briefly about how METCO had added value to his school experience.

And then the niceties were done and we had to blame his bias towards Wayland as to why the Owlet would not be let play the game. Which they tied, and then we went back the next week to see the PA and yelled down the hallway “hey Wayland, we could have won if you’d let him play.” And then Wayland said “ha, yes, I knew that.” We all laughed. And there you have my latest view of METCO and why it matters.

Now go shop.

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