Busy Week for Westonians: Committees, Commissions and Vets

Surprise photo of Weston Girls Soccer vs Bishop Stang last night.

What an evening, Weston! Did anyone catch the sliver of moon over the JoSTice along with a planet or possibly a Tesla product? Gorgeous. Iphone 8 could not handle it, sadly. Last night’s Weston Girls Varsity Soccer game did not disappoint with a tight game (1-0) going into half time and then the Girls opened it up for a 3-0 win. Alway fun to watch our talented and physical team, and a tough Bishop Stang team which deserves respect, as they come from a school with only 550 students (we are giants at 647). My only complaint is that they are the Spartans and I feel like they missed a beat on being the Bishop Stang Mustangs. I am probably the only one. Go ‘cats.

Onwards, folks. What’s up this week? Not only in sports, but in sporting events like committee meetings…ah, here we go, we are in the G3 week, though I do not see Finance Committee–only School Committee and Select Board. Oh well, Traffic & Sidewalk can step in for drama as necessary. Conservation doesn’t seem to brawl over wetlands. Here we go:

Monday November 8, 2021

School Committee at 7 pm on zoom. Lots of good stuff in here. I like the idea of a Science update–that’s in the Superintendent’s report. And I 100% believe that there will be discussion of asking for a mask waiver for the high school–you can write it as “Public Health Measures and Covid-19 Response” all you like, but CSI Weston says waiver discussion. My absolute favorite agenda item is about the “Multi-function School Activity Vehicles.” What the? The Swiss Army knife of vehicles? Buses with indoor tracks? I don’t get it. Will tune in. Ah, yes, enrollment discussion is also a favorite. Please prepare for this discussion by reading an August Owl on it. I can only hope we are going to forensicaly analyze if the Class of 2025 did indeed eat 17 kids from the fourth grade.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

It’s time for the Select Board at 7 pm on zoom. Let’s see. Eversource? Boring. Ash Street Sidewalk for the win! I believe the next round of ideas for a public pathway will be discussed. I hear chair lift. No, seriously, since this was turned down at Town Meeting (perhaps because of the tiny price tag of $400K), there are some new ideas. One of them may or may not be the Owl’s. Let me see…HPP appointments..ho hum, but wait! What’s this? A proposal to change Select Board size from 3 to 5. How in the world are we going to find 5 people willing to put in the time and effort in these volunteer roles? Must tune in. Oh and it looks like more time for discussing celebrations committee–see the Owl here for the first time that was discussed a couple of weeks ago. Probably I will tune into that one as well so I don’t get volunteered for anything.

Also on the docket for Tuesday is the Conservation Commission at 7:30 pm by zoom. Holy long agenda, Batman. Go look at it here. I have no time for this. Wait, I will pull out my favorite four items and maybe I shall show up for those when done with celebrating over at the Select Board.

First of the cool stuff is the “beautification of the Merriam Barn” which I would put as Save the Merriam Barn from invasives and time. This is my favorite Eagle Scout project ever and has already been approved by the Historic Commission and Weston Forest & Trail Association. Conservation owns the land though so gets final say. You can read about the historic Merriam Barn here. It is cool.

Okay, drainage project…lack of drama here, I think. Except is it Shady Hill or Shadyhill? This seems to be a Cherrybrook and Stonybrook issues as well. Ah well, the post office can figure it out. I definitely want to hear about this pedestrian bridge replacement. I like bridge replacement; this means I will not fall into the River. And then some trail work proposed by the most excellent WFTA and Conservation administration. Good stuff.

Wednesday November 10, 2021

Tree Advisory Group, in person, 10 am, Case Park. I literally JUST got notice of this one but no agenda so you’ll have to check on that here. It’s about trees so must be important. I would go.

Gratuitous Golden Larch photo, Land’s Sake. More info on that here.

Traffic & Sidewalk, 7 pm on zoom, agenda here. Another long agenda (partial screenshot below), but let me again share my biased view of what to go to (the Owl will be at Hadestown which she is very excited about). Returning funds to do with Warren Avenue sidewalk at 7:10 but emails about Warren Avenue sidewalk at 8:25 pm. Seems out of place but what do I know? For one second, I thought Van Halen was coming to talk about Park Road but that must be a contractor or something. Complete Streets is a totally cool state-funded grant program and I would totally get on that one and propose that something be done about the Highland/Route 20 sitch. That be ugly. I know because I drive through it every morning–bad accident. Let’s see: talking about roadside mirror policy update (yay!), status of Love Lane (honestly not a fan as a WFTA volunteer and as someone who tries to go north to south, but yeah, not my backyard) and other exciting items. If you’ve never seen T&S in action, I would go check it out. I will be at the Opera House so you can tell me all about it later.

Thursday November 11, 2021 – Veteran’s Day

11 am Annual Veterans Day Ceremony is held to honor our veterans, first responders and supporting families. Technically this is not a committee meeting but it’s pretty important to show our respect for our veterans. All are welcome. This year’s ceremony will include a special tribute to the 13 U.S. military service members who gave their lives while performing dangerous duty during the chaotic evacuation in Afghanistan. Sears Auditorium, Town Hall (note that Town Hall offices are closed this day).

Friday, November 12, 2021

? Take Friday off, Weston. You deserve it. Me too.

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