Screen-Time Tips for Parents: Evening Program with WCCA Tuesday

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Okay, Weston, the Owl is waaaayyyyy behind on reporting for this week. Fortunately, I am not a “real” news source so it’s not like you’ve been waiting anxiously by your email to see which commission hearings are this week…or are you? That post comes after lunch as well as hints on how to handle crabby teenage Owlets (hint: it involves flying food and volcanoes).

In the intervening empty hours (haha), you can get out your calendar, and put in the details for the following cool presentation (if you are like the Owl on Google Calendar, you will actually put it on the wrong date and then miss it– sorry ATI Wellesley, I do love you but I cannot figure out calendar apps. Gen X. I’m doomed to free Nature Conservancy calendars.

On Tuesday, November 16, the Weston Community Children’s Association (WCCA) is sponsoring an informative evening program about screen-time and possible ideas to make peace with the phones. From their marketing materials:

Is screen-time interfering with your child’s imagination? Do you see eye to eye on tech with your spouse? Are you worried about what your child may come across while on a device? Instead of worrying and stressing, spend your time teaching your kids to use tech as a tool. Build up your parent toolkit with tech tools that work for you and your family. No more screen-time charts, grumpy kids, and unkept boundaries. Andrea Davis will share family-tested ideas from the (tech) trenches as a mom of five. She is on a mission to help parents worry less about tech, and connect more with their kids. Ask questions in a judgment-free space and get support from other parents. This is an in-person event to be held outdoors. [Ed: Honestly, this has to be held in person, no? The irony would be overwhelming if held on zoom].

Unless you plan on driving around all dark streets of Weston to find the meeting, know that you will have to email Elissa Bean at to RSVP. Yes, you will be using tech to confirm because no one knows Elissa’s phone number. Rain date is November 17. It shall be chilly so bundle up, Weston.

The deets, lol, brb:

Tuesday, November 16

DONUTS (sorry, got excited) and cider at 7 pm

Program starts at 7:30 pm.

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