Town Committee & Commission Agendas Week of November 15

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Okay, Weston, it’s time to refresh your memories and open your minds about what happens in this town. As of next week, I can promise you that you won’t care anymore because you will be crazily searching for Great Aunt Marge’s whipped squash and marshmallow recipe, or wondering if you put the auto-feeder on for Bobby Sweetface, the house panther. Yeah, maybe that’s just me.

Monday November 15, 2021

Community Preservation Committee (CPC) at 7 pm, online. Hmmm, feasibility for pickleball courts, that sounds interesting. Pickleball is ridiculously fun, though I really wish it were not called pickleball which just seems like you are smacking cucumbers around. The origins of the name and an explanation of the game can be found here. Or you can just move on to the mysteriously named Inventory of Modern Houses, phase 1. I may have to come back and poke fun at this later, depending on the possibilities discussed at tonight’s meeting. Next will be Inventory of Ugly Houses, so we can all avoid those. Agenda here.

Tuesday, November 16

Rut-roh, Norway maple, someone is pointing out your faults.

Okay, radar on for impending tree death. You know how the Owl feels about this, especially because Owls need trees from which to gaze down, identify a stupid squirrel and then grab it. Open space and dinky 10-foot trees need not apply. Yes, there is a Planning Board site visit to 255 Merriam Street, which this Owl will not be missing for all the fuzzy squirrels in the world. 255 Merriam is where the formerly-known as TOSD (Transit-Oriented Senior Development) was proposed, and now is an 8-unit senior living complex (where, apparently “seniors” are now 55 which seems a bit young, no?). Recently some of these impending houses were listed for sale (yes, there are only large dirt piles there currently) at $1.795M (each, not for all) which gave me quite a start. You cannot make this stuff up, Weston, that’s quite a chunk of change. You can peruse the pretty real estate drawings here, and the application materials for the site visit here but if you want to know why the builder wants additional tree death, you may want to come along on the site visit at 10 am.

If you enjoy the company of the Planning Board, you can then carry onwards to 154 Church Street (known as the big red barn on the Church Street curve) where the owners have asked for an amendment to their application about an accessory apartment, blah blah, driveway, drainage, near a Conservation field that has to be the prettiest viewscape in Weston. I have seen a few coyotes wander about over there and they are way too big for Owls to take on. Anyway, that’s at 11 am. Good luck parking.

Historical Commission at 7 pm also has this Modern House business on the agenda along with some smushings of porticos and window replacements. But wait…what’s this? A discussion with St. Catherine’s of Siena about 439 Boston Post Road…that’s the church that’s been for sale (the one with the old Reading Room) next to some green bank. Will we have an off-shoot of the Norwood-based Catholic girls’ school here in Weston? Let the great rumor-mongering begin! Agenda here.

Weston Cultural Council also at 7 pm because…time travel…as far as I can tell, this is mostly a look at proposed 2022 projects, and an accounting of 2021 projects. Could be fun. Agenda is here.

Sustainability Committee seems to have a meeting listed at 7 pm but I see no agenda. Well, reuse and recycle, Weston, and don’t forget to save pollinators, sea turtles and geckos.

Wednesday, November 17

The Permanent Building Committee is back and in person. Somehow it seems like these folks meet every single week. The JoSTice is on the agenda as usual, as is the accelerated repair program over at the high school. Honestly it does not seem to be too accelerated if we are still in discussions months later. Oh, relax PBC, I am not criticizing, just amusing myself because wow, lots of agendas. 7 pm, Case House. By the way, I really would like a tour of the re-furbished Case House–the tour originally scheduled was canceled due to the pandemic and I have yet to see it in all its renovated glory. I shall ask the PBC for a tour. Check back.

Planning Board, 7 pm, online. What, these guys again? Yes. Newly refreshed from their site visits around town, it is time for the PB to talk more about some fun agenda items such as car barns, tree death (yeah, I may have mentioned that one), and wait, Greatland again? Personally I think it’s time to start working on that place rather than just talking about it–is this decommissioning wells again? Street plan? Tulip beds? I don’t get it. Sadly I may not be able to tune into this one for too long–an Owlet starts futsal that night and it is so much fun to watch that crazy. Please watch and report back.

Thursday, November 18

Recreation Commission, 7 pm, online. Well, let’s see. Pickleball CPC request, budget, new pricing for Community Center…Memorial Pool design update…safety for ice skating and swim meets (is this Covid safety? Dunno). Yeah, I’ll catch the videotape on this one since I’ll be learning stuff at the Police Station that night, and then there’s the presentations for the Historical Society and the Gibbet (GBT or Golden Ball Tavern). Agenda here.

Zoning Board of Appeals, 7 pm online. Special permit for an addition and then discussion of a Dover amendment on a child care facility on BPR near the Wayland line. Hmmm. Could be interesting. Alas, at police station petting K9 Knox. No, that’s a never right there–fluffo is Officer Rizzitello’s buddy. Agenda here.

Friday, November 19

Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee, 7 am online. My favorite committee!! Miss you guys, but not enough to come to a meeting. Clearly the majority of our residents feel the same way as I think we had two guests in the two years I was on the committee. Agenda here.

Well, that all just about tires me all out. Live large this week, Weston, and see what all these wonderful volunteers are up to in their “free” time.

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