Select Board Seeks Volunteers for Town Celebrations Committee

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Weston seems to be almost done with all the changes, improvements, curbs, benches, chairs, bistros, streetlamps and painted asphalt that will complete the Wes-saissancer. The Art & Innovation Center is done, the Josiah Smith Tavern gets more done every day, and the reconstruction of the Town Center with its pocket parks and utility-free vistas is done. So what shall we do now, Weston? Throw a party, that’s what. It’s time to celebrate our achievements.

Now all we need is some one(s) to plan it. Fortunately, we already have at least one “volunteer”–Pam Fox–and a Select Board member who is willing to party (that’s Laurie Bent, in case you are confused). But we need more. You, Westonians, should consider your creds for being a party planner which will of course be totally unpaid except for all the cake you can eat.*

Think of all the fun things you could suggest for this party: dunk tank for the designer of the Intersection of Doom, taco truck parked at the Bistro, and computer tracking of all Beach chairs (I swear they move every couple of days–it’s Weston’s version of Lincoln’s ponyhenge). Seriously though, the hard work of many should be celebrated –as well as the fact that no one has gottten a flat tire there for almost two months.

What are the beach chairs doing by the gas meter and the garbage cans at the Weston Bench? No one knows.

Here’s the officialese which, verily, is a tiny bit off-putting: “This short-term Committee is expected to meet periodically to plan for a special event(s) and will be charged with this work until such time as the Select Board dissolves the committee upon the conclusion of said event(s).” I do not like being dissolved. I’m not alka seltzer. I volunteer only to 1. eat the cake and 2. come up with the acronym for the Party Planning Committee.

Residents who would like to be considered for this position should submit the online Volunteer Application or email a letter of interest with background information to or by mail to Select Board, PO Box 378, Weston, MA 02493. Deadline to apply is Nov. 26th.

Party on, Weston!

*I just made that up. All cake clearly belongs to me.

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