The 39 Steps This Weekend with Weston High School Theatre

In spite of my original belief that the show “The 39 Steps” had to do with the endless stairs at my brother’s fifth-floor walk-up in Back Bay, it’s actually too few steps (I think there are 1000000000 there on Beacon Street) and is performed by the incredibly talented Weston High School theatre group. If you have never seen a WHS production, let this be the year. You will not be disappointed.

The 39 Steps is based on a 1915 adventure novel by John Buchan about a Canadian civilian in London who becomes caught up in preventing a spy group called “The 39 Steps” from stealing British military secrets. Why do Canadians care about British military secrets? Well, I guess technically it’s still a Commonwealth nation with the Queen on the dollar bill, and it’s better than eating poutine. Anyway, the story goes that this Canadian gets falsely accused of killing an agent, so he goes on the run to Scotland and spends the rest of his life trying to figure out that crazy accent and why they eat haggis. Oh, and clearing his name. Or something like that. Okay, maybe you’ve seen the Hitchcock movie, that would explain it. No poutine. Or haggis.

This will be the WHS’ first live show since before COVID! Are we excited? Yes we are. Shows are at 7pm at the High School Auditorium this Thursday (11/18), Friday (11/19), and Saturday (11/20), and tickets are only $10. THURSDAY NIGHT Admission is free for all students!

Because of Covid regulations within the school district, you must reserve your seats in advance. To reserve tickets, please email the WHS theatre director Anne Isaacs ( You may pay at the door. Note that there may be availability for seats without having a reservation, but there is no guarantee–due to spacing out of folks in the auditorium, it’s best to reserve up front. Trust me.

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