WCL’s Gingerbread Treasure Hunt Starts Saturday, November 20

The mad gingerbread is hilarious. Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash

The Women’s Community League (WCL) of Weston announces the start of the Gingerbread Treasure Hunt tomorrow at 5 am. Oh, just kidding, it’s all day every day from November 20 until 2 pm December 4, and the participation times vary. For instance, me being competitive AND an early bird means that I will TOTALLY win this. What? There’s no age limitation for a 1,477 piece Lego set, but possibly a space one. I could make lots of comments about mansions and Weston but I have already gotten myself into enough trouble this week. Let’s start again, shall we?

Starting tomorrow, the hunt is on for gingerbreads, which are newly gender-free, but really always were. Anatomy 101. Focus, Owl. The WCL has a new and fun way for everyone to get out and about in Weston, seeing businesses and looking for tiny edibles in the shelves. No, you may not eat them. Nor the Lego Gingerbread House which is the very cool grand prize.

Here’s the plan and the rules:

I love scavenger hunts! Who doesn’t? What’s really fun about this one is that you will visit all these Weston businesses, some of which you have never visited before. And maybe even find some holiday presents that you weren’t planning on buying, but why not? You’re there now. Buy some for yourself. You deserve it. Here is the list of participating businesses, whether the gingerbread is indoor or outdoor (can be spied from the street) and the hours of the business. The WCL has thought of everything!

The scavenger hunt runs through December 4 at 2 pm. At that time, a drawing will be held for the grand prize starter mansion Gingerbread House, and much partying will be done at the Winter Festival on the Town Green. But that is for a future Owl when she is feeling a little more focused.

So much fun! Thanks, Women’s Community League!

The Women’s Community League is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide social, philanthropic and educational benefits to the Weston community. For more infomation about the WCL, please visit their website.

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