Winter Sports Start Today at Weston High School

Actual photo of Weston HS Nordic Skiing Team at Leo J Martin Ski Track. No, not really. Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Welcome back to the Owl who has safely alighted back at home base after an exciting and somewhat hectic Thanksgiving in a foreign country. More on that later after I have sought therapy for all the document filling-out, testing, uncomfortable seating, and jet lag. Or not. Do you want to hear about it? Probably not.

So let’s move on to the good stuff–it’s time for winter sports!! Yes, we are going to get excited about it because the Owl fully believes that you need to embrace the season rather than suffer it–because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. Yeah, the Brazilian Mr. Owl is almost done embracing and wonders why in the world we ever left Tropicalia.

Starting today, the Owl gets to cover the high school winter sports–most of which she has no clue about. Do not ever ask her to commentate a hockey game because that pretty much goes badly…who knew they didn’t have halftime? Why three periods? Also basketball, all that squeakiness of sneakers on wood makes her a little crazy. If you feel differently, know that the time is now for these sports starting today, November 29 after school:

–Boys and Girls Basketball

–Boys and Girls Alpine Skiing (the Doublet Hill slope gets very exciting)

–Boys and Girls Ice Hockey

–Boys and Girls Indoor Track (let’s be real–we have no indoor track. This is Arctic Outdoor Track)

–Boys and Girls Nordic Skiing

–Boys and Girls Swimming

And I see here a note that Wrestling has been moved to Spring? Is that from last year? No clue, will check in with AD McGrath after unpacking the suitcases.

Please note that the Owl is not staffed to attend most or really any of these sports so would welcome guest reporters of all ages. Particularly any who understand what “icing” or “traveling” or whatever is.

Go ‘cats!

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