Updates to the Weston Owl

Photo credit: New England Wildlife Center, which deserves some Giving Tuesday love.

The Owl is under construction. No, not this horned owl pictured above which is spectacularly cute–he’s under repairs after becoming entangled in a volleyball net. By the way, entanglement stuff happens all the time, if you have followed some of our Animal Control Officer’s projects which have included removing owls from soccer nets and fences.

Before I get too sidelined by tales of feathered friends, what I am actually talking about is this page. As you all probably know by now, the Owl is “technologically-challenged.” Mostly I just like to write and have the site miraculously shazaam itself into a well-organized and laid-out page. Sadly, that does not work, and so I have hired the most wonderful website guy who I will name and then get in trouble later, or perhaps he will just come in and edit because he has access. Yes, Jonathan Dowse, WFTA website builder and maybe some others too, has responded to the bat…ummm, Owl Signal, and come to the rescue. So as he works through the mess I’ve made, there may be a few hiccups.

My favorite new addition is the Submit an Event tab on the lower right side of the computer-based website (I don’t know where it is on a cell phone or tablet–I can’t read those things even with glasses, hence some of my more unintentionally-hilarious posts). You can now submit your organization’s events without me being involved–oh, okay, I do approve it so don’t be putting in any sketchy stuff–I’m on to you, wise guys.

Also, a sincere thank you to those who have donated to the Owl. This is not a 501c3 but it is indeed very non-profit for me. I wanted to clarify that in case anyone took my post for Giving Tuesday as a request for funds for this page–that was not my intention. Support those 501c3s today!

Finally, you can always reach the Owl at thewestonowl@gmail.com with any edits, updates, concerns, broken links, etc.

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