Menorah Lighting Outside Town Hall December 1

Candle Lighting 2020

Everyone is invited to celebrate Chanukkah with Wellesley/Weston Chabad at a candle lighting in front of Weston Town Hall at 6:00 pm, Wednesday, December 1. There will also be singing and refreshments.

For those unfamiliar with Wellesley/Weston Chabad, you can read more on this page. From the website, “Chabad is a place where everyone is welcome. Wellesley/Weston Chabad was founded on the basic principle that a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, and we don’t recognize the labels of Orthodox, Conservative or Reform Judaism…we attract a large and diverse group of people because we foster an environment that enables each individual to explore his/her own unique relationship with Judaism at their own pace.”

This is one of eight Chanukah events sponsored by Wellesley/Weston Chabad. For more information, please check their webpage. It’s worth checking out because there is also a jokes page, which is…unexpected.

Happy Festival of Lights to all who celebrate!

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