WEEFC Throws Down The Winter Glove To Schools

Weston’s Education Enrichment Fund Committee (WEEFC) has thrown down the proverbial….um, winter glove* to Weston public school parents and community members for their winter fundraising drive. In an effort to improve community building (late edit: I am joking, folks), WEEFC is pitting individual schools against each other–the winning school (by participation percentage) gets a visit from an ice cream truck. Yeah, it’s all friendly until the ice cream truck arrives at one school or another with the Choco Tacos and Firecrackers. Go high school! We can totally take those Country kids! (Yes, my kids are Country alums).

I have written extensively about WEEFC this past winter. In February, donations were at an all-time low and that made me very cranky. WEEFC and its programming have been important for my kids, and probably your kids, if they are in or have graduated from Weston Public Schools. Every dollar taken in is a dollar spent “to access innovative resources that elevate our children’s learning experience” — which I translate as “doing cool stuff and learning along the way.”

The winter fundraising goal is $80,000, with an end date of December 31, 2021. It’s not so important how much you give but rather that you give something. Remember the choco tacos come from participation rate, not amount. Also, if you’re a community member who would like to donate (yay, you) remember to fill in the circle for credit to high school. Yes, here’s me cheating again. Tell someone who cares.

Go ‘cats!

*Gauntlets do not work in a New England winter and truthfully it’s one of my least favorite words in the English language–I blame the French because I can.

Eyes on the prize, high school! Choco tacos!
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