Class of 2024 Fundraiser for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Ends Wednesday

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For those of you obsessed with doughnuts, you have just a couple of days left to get your orders in for Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts to arrive in Weston next week. If you are an afficionado of Krispy Kreme, you will know that there are currently NO stores in Massachusetts (ya, ya, you can get them in some grocery stores) and the closest stores are now at the Mohegan Sun casino (ummm, super interesting placement, all you marketing folks) and the dreaded…New.York.City. If you haven’t been to the New York flagship store, let me just say “holy doughnuts, batman”–that is one big store.

My first experience with Krispy Kreme and insane Krispers was in Miami when they would give away a free doughnut every time the Marlins won or pitched a no-hitter or did something baseball-y–yeah I’m out of my league, literally. This was in the early 2000s and was not a big money loser for them until well, 2003 and then I think the World Series bankrupted the poor North Miami store which was the only close-by one at that time. Actually it didn’t but the local radio hosts used to update the status of the line during the day. Even on non-free-doughnut day, the place was crazy times–I went with the Owlets once in a tropical storm (don’t ask why I thought that a great idea) and in spite of a foot of standing water in the parking lot, the line was almost outside the door.

Original North Miami store. Now a “Wawa” which is a sad sad end. Yes, there is a new fancy one in Miami Gardens

In any case, the Class of 2024 is running a fundraiser with the original glazed doughnuts (did you know the original recipe is from a New Orleans chef? True story), and your purchase will support the class of 2024. Price per dozen is $10 and you will need to pick up your doughnuts at the high school between 3:15-6 pm on Wednesday, December 15. All orders must be in by December 8th.

Oh yes, I do love the final line of the order information from the class: “The donuts are small, so make sure to get enough!”

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Go ‘cats!

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